Electricity with extra value

Becoming a 220PLUS Customer

We work to increase our market awareness, learn as much as possible about our consumers and shareholders and promote a win-win mentality while providing quality service.

In reviewing typical consumption patterns, we endeavor to become more aware of the energy supply needed in certain locations and to analyze all possible risks that could occur. We inform our consumers of our findings. By keeping tabs on any and all developments in the energy market, we respond to market dynamics and make a concerted effort to minimize the risks our consumers face. The contract that our customers sign underscores our values, guaranteeing the customer that we will not let him or her down during the contract’s duration. The contract sets forth the billing process in the most transparent way possible, fully satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers.

220PLUS has no drawbacks and allows full, transparent sharing of market information with consumers, including those who request an estimate. Information about any additional charges and contract details will be shared with customers in full. At the same time, we willingly answer the questions of consumers who want more information about market and tariff changes. 

220PLUS Transition Period

Your consumption profile varies based on your seasonal usage, monthly adjustments and the time of day. If you choose to share a previous electricity bill with us, that will give us helpful information about your consumption that we will use in creating your consumption profile.

After reviewing your consumption profile, we will offer you the  package best suited to your current needs and provide you with a contract. These packages are evaluated using the TEDC unit price index or indexed using spot pricing. We can now create new electricity campaigns to meet demand, thanks to our customer-oriented, bunker-style products.

After deciding on the most suitable price package available to you, our team will inform you of your options and lead you through the necessary steps for completing the transition process smoothly.

We will advise you on the best payment management approach available. We will also inform you of the payment terms and payment channels available under your contract, so that you can access our energy portfolio.