We work with dynamic and innovative
individuals who understand our values


At Doğuş Energy, we work with dynamic and innovative individuals who understand our corporate culture and values and who thrive on doing responsible, quality work.

Our basic recruitment principles are as follows: to provide equal opportunities to the individuals who want to join our team, to assess them objectively and report interview results to them in a timely manner.

During the recruitment process, we assess our candidates fairly, regardless of their age, religion, primary language or race, as none of these affect the candidate’s ability to do high-quality work.

We want to work with individuals who can help us realize our goals, feel ownership over the business, bring value to the company and care about progress.

If we care about sustainability into the future, we must create environments that encourage staff members to evaluate themselves and improve their performance. We support their growth through training programs and enjoy seeing their projects develop over time.

If you wish to join the Doğuş Energy family, please apply for one of our open positions at kariyer.net.

Please send resumes to insankaynaklari@dogusenerji.com