We work with dynamic and innovative
individuals who understand our values


We aim to create a work environment that encourages employees to continuously learn and develop in order to perform their tasks more intelligently and efficiently. They can also take on new challenges that align with their targeted goals.

We regularly provide development opportunities for our employees, offering opportunities for advancement through the “special trainings for energy sector.” We emphasize professional training both abroad and at home. We believe it is important to augment the work experience with greater resources, and we aim to support employees in order to improve their current performance. We believe that training alone is not enough to inspire and hone an employee. Rather, employees should take responsibilities beyond their expected roles, also take on new roles in new projects and ensure that they are pushing themselves to their full potential.

We believe that development is our responsibility, and, by sharing this responsibility, we expect our employees and managers to take on key roles in the development process.

We believe that we can ensure the sustainability of our work if key employees follow current developments in the field, adapting as needed while learning and teaching others along the way. We base our training and support activities on these beliefs.